The Voyage team

Robert Swan 2041 Founder
Robert Swan
Robert Swan is a polar explorer, environmental leader and the first man ever to walk to both the North and South poles. He is an exceptionally gifted communicator and is regarded as one of the world’s top motivational speakers.His contribution to education and the environment have been recognized through his appointment as UN Goodwill Ambassador for Youth, a Visiting Professorship of the School of Environment at Leeds University and in 1994 he became Special Envoy to the Director General of UNESCO. He was awarded the OBE in 1995.In 2003 and 2004 Robert and his company 2041 delivered the first ever corporate Antarctic Expeditions on Teamwork and Leadership through positive participation and real missions.Learn more about Robert Swan’s Journey So Far
Conor Fogerty Captain
Conor Fogerty
Conor has over 15 years of sailing professionally. 230,000 nm logged under sail and motor, 200,000 nm as captain including 25 Trans-Atlantics and two circumnavigations. Now 26 Trans-Atlantics, with the safe delivery of yacht 2041 to the Netherlands.Previously Skippered 2005-2006 (20m) “Cardiff Clipper”, a Dubois 68 design in “The Clipper Round the World Race 05/06”, starting and finishing in Liverpool. Irish born, Conor is married with two beautiful children and lives in Bulgaria when not onboard 2041.
Derek O’Donoghue 1st Mate
Derek O'Donoghue
Derek has been involved with 2041 since joining the boat in Jacksonville, Florida in 2009. Together, they have covered almost 15000nm. Originally from Dublin Ireland, he started my sailing in 2004 in preparation for the 05/06 Clipper Round the World Yacht Race. Derek has been known for being a bit of an adrenalin junkie, “I have tried everything from bungee jumping to white water rafting, I qualified as PADI dive instructor and also hold a sky diving license. Base jumping is the only thrill I have yet to discover, one day I am sure I will cover that also.” Derek has been accepted to part take in an expedition through the North-West Passage, leaving Seattle USA and finishing in Scotland.
Daragh Heagney Crew
Daragh Heagney
“I joined 2041 in April 2012 while she was in Salalah Oman,i am from Howth Co Dublin Ireland A small fishing village on the north side of Dublin,with a long tradition in sailing. My back ground in sailing is RORC and ISORA off shore racing, including Fasnets and Many round Ireland campaigns. My career is over thirty years in the hospitality industry and IT.My main mission at the moment is to get 2041 to Rio in time for the World Summit 2012,and to get back to do some sailing this summer with my nine year old son Ryan, who is plotting our course from Oman to Rio in School.”
Barney Swan Crew
Barney Swan
Barney joined 2041 in June of 2012 while she was in Port Elizabeth, South Africa. Barney, a recent graduate from St. Augustine’s College in Cairns, Australia is joining the Voyage for Cleaner Energy for her journey across the Atlantic until it arrives in Rio de Janeiro in June. There, he will reunite with his father and join him to greet world leaders and carry his message to inspire future generations.
Petar Antonov Crew
Petar Antonov
Petar is new to sailing, and joins the boat as the fifth man, learning from the bilges up. Originally from the mountains in Gabrovo, in central Bulgaria, the trained social worker has a keen interest in nature and the environment, and hopes to bring a message of inspiration to Rio from Gabrovo, (coincidentally the president of Brazil, father’s hometown!)
Adam Zeller Crew
Adam Zeller
Adam joined 2041 in February 2012 while she was in Abu Dhabi. After getting to know the ins and outs of the boat he helped sail her to Salalah in Oman where the Race to Rio was to start. Before getting into sailing Adam worked in medical sales in the UK but his love for adventure and travel led him to accept voluntary redundancy and retrain as a yachtmaster to initiate a drastic change of career. While traveling in Africa for 2 years after university Adam lived in Cape town for 10 months and is looking forward to seeing it again. He is extremely pleased to hold his first position on a ship with a solid ecological mission and is looking forward to the World Summit 2012 in Rio.
Matthew Furlonger Crew
Matthew Furlonger
Matthew came on board the Voyage for Cleaner Energy while brave yacht ’2041′ had a brief stop in Cape Town, South Africa. He will finish out her Phase VI journey until she reaches Rio de Janeiro. Although he considers himself a novice sailor, his passion for the environment; the sun and sea, makes him a perfect fit to the crew.
Craig Nolan Crew
Craig Nolan
Craig joined the Voyage for Cleaner Energy while yacht ’2041′ was in Cape Town, South Africa on her way to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil for the Earth Summit.
Laura Beyers Project Manager
Laura Beyers
Having just completed a world tour, Laura, a traveler and free spirit, joined 2041 in October 2001 to help with the refit of yacht ’2041′. After participating in the Trans Atlantic delivery to Ushuaia she returned to Cape Town to await the yacht’s return and concentrate on planning the next project while the Mission Antarctica Clean Up was underway. An exciting race for new ’2041′ ventures continued. Following hard on the heels of the World Summit was the Cape2Rio Race, Circumnavigation of Africa, and the Sydney Hobart Race. As Yacht Manager, Laura was able to tap into her enthusiasm for traveling, working with diverse groups and sharing her knowledge and passion for the environment. After a sabbatical, Laura managed the yacht ’2041′ again in 2008 for the Voyage for Cleaner Energy in America, and is ready for the next chapter, Phase III of the Voyage. On back to back trips to Antarctica with 2041, Laura found her true love. Antarctica has a majesty, strength, beauty and the total command to overwhelm and inspire. Laura is proud to be working with such a fine team who prove everyday that everything is possible and believes that if it can be done by such a small team, then what is the world waiting for?

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