Voyage Journal

Final message from Rio+20

25th June, 2012

With the negotiations now complete at Rio+20, the crew heads out to each of their homelands. With a lot of negativity towards the outcomes of the Earth Summit, 2041 and the team have learned that the most important thing is to continue to carry on by sending a positive message. “No one is inspired by negative.” Continue to inspire, and if you want to see change, live it, walk the walk and show others that it can be done…

Onwards. Out.

Message from Conor Fogerty, the Captain of ’2041′

21st June, 2012

Robert Swan- Use the power you have

19th June, 2012

While here at Rio+20, one thing that we have we have been focusing on is that we all have the power to make a difference, and it is now that we must use the power WE DO HAVE.

Day four, Robert checks in from Rio+20

17th June, 2012

Day four at Rio+Plus:

Day 2 at Rio+20, Robert Swan reports

16th June, 2012

Report from Robert Swan at Rio+20 in Rio de Janeiro for the 3rd Earth Summit.

Robert Swan reports live from Rio+20, Day 1

14th June, 2012

With anticipation of the arrival of the yacht ’2041,’ Robert Swan reports from the grounds of Rio+20 in Rio de Janeiro at the third Earth Summit. After a talk hosted by UNEP, Robert went and spent time at the Qatar Pavilion where he reflected on his eagerness for COP18 this fall in Doha.

Brave yacht ’2041′ is about a day and a half sail from Rio. The team is here with excitement and are prepared to greet them as they come into port. Will keep you posted.

Over and out.